As your servant leader, I promise I will dedicate my time on the Hill to addressing the key issues that our nation faces. These include lowering taxes, rebuilding critical infrastructure, blocking mandates, protecting the First and Second Amendment, and bolstering the defense of our nation.

Keeping Taxes Low

Balanced Budget, Appropriation Bills, Limited Government

It has been said many times yet the Hill continues not to function as intended. We need to balance the budget, pass the proper appropriation bills at the appropriate time, and remove federal overreach. This would create an opportunity to keep taxes low for the working families across this nation, which is especially important during these trying times. Those in power today have shown their ineptitude, and it is time to clean house.

Health Freedom

Federal Interference

The danger of one size fits all federal mandates and laws is that it does not fit the needs of all. The federal government should never interfere with the doctor/patient consultation process. A congressman in New York does not know what John Doe from Virginia needs in order to recover from their ailment. I will also introduce legislation that protects doctors from the unethical treatment they have been experiencing based on their medical analysis of those they treat. Science is never settled and anyone who says otherwise is endangering the lives of Americans. The cancel culture phenomenon is restricting doctors’ abilities to share critical information with their peers.


No mandates: this is to include vaccines, masks, and any other ideas that may arise from federal government overreach.

Vaccination: We should promote the vaccine for anyone with high-risk factors, but more importantly, I am Pro-Freedom.  In America it is my prayer that people are smart enough to make the medical decision for themselves and not be ordered to do like 1984’s Big Brother. I will fight to keep your right to choose your desired medical treatment.


Real Infrastructure

The current administration talks about equity and people as infrastructure. Equal opportunity is a key aspect of the American dreamequal outcomes is not.  Outcomes are a direct result of effort, work ethic, and drive. Capitol Hill passed a $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Bill, and over the next 5 years only $60 billion of it is actually going to bridges, roads, and tunnels. Annual federal transportation budgets for bridges, roads, and tunnels exceeds $100 billion! If the Republicans didn’t renegotiate the terms of the bill, there would have been much less available to make repairs. As bridges literally collapse, the White House focuses on completely unrelated “infrastructure” projects.

National Defense

Protect the Homeland

Fighting Authoritarian Actors on the world stage is no small task. Our American withdrawal from Afghanistan is simply not only unthinkable due to how our leadership executed it, but it is also inexcusable. While some at the Capitol want to “reimagine” our country, I will remain focused on the #1 task the federal government is responsible for: the safety of our country here at home and our interests abroad.

Pro-2nd Amendment

Shall not be infringed

I believe in the right to bear arms as given in the Second Amendment to the Constitution. The right to defend ourselves is a God given right above all else.

I am a life member of the NRA and personally have a concealed carry permit. I led the passage of Spotsylvania County’s Second Amendment Sanctuary County Resolution.

I believe in Constitutional Carry. Big cities to Capitol Hill have pushed the defund the police movement, and we see how well that is working. The Democrats, mandates, and the increase in crime from soft on crime leadership, have proven why we must protect the Second Amendment.

Parental Rights

From Education to Health, the Parent shall have a say.

Parental rights have been infringed on for quite some time now. Parents across this nation are fed up and fighting back. The government should assist, NOT dictate to parents how their child should be cared for. This applies to a wide variety of areas such as social services, curriculum in the schools, and medical care/rights of students.

It is completely outrageous that a parent and doctor must sign a permission form at the high school my children attend for them to take over-the-counter drugs, but a minor-aged daughter may obtain an abortion without parental knowledge if the correct paperwork is filed.