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“At the start of the 2022 election cycle I stepped up in the 7th to defeat Abigail Spanberger. But when the new boundary lines changed and became final, I was drawn out of the district, so I bowed out because it is important to me that a candidate lives in the district they represent. We need to nominate someone who lives in the heart of the new 7th.

After I decided not to run, I thought about which candidate to support. I looked at who has a proven conservative voting record. Too many politicians say one thing and then do another. And when bad legislators get elected, they make bad votes, such as allowing sex crimes in schools to go unreported. Anyone who voted for that shouldn’t try to seek a promotion.

I know Dave Ross is the right candidate in the 7th. He lives in the heart of the district and he has a rock-solid voting record on the Spotsy Board of Supervisors, where he has always kept taxes down. Dave also led the way to make Spotsylvania a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. Dave Ross has my full endorsement in the Republican Primary.”

-State Senator Amanda Chase

“I am proud to endorse Spotsylvania Supervisor Dave Ross for Congress in Virginia’s new 7th District.

Dave is a fighter! He is responsible for the only two tax cuts in Spotsylvania’s modern history. He has fought for gun rights, property rights, and controlling the size of government. He’s tangled with out-of-control teachers unions.

Very importantly, Dave is a Marine! That’s HUGE, even necessary, in a district that contains MCB Quantico. We won’t win without vets, and Dave is one!”

-Chuck Smith, statewide candidate and former Navy JAG

“I endorse Dave Ross for Congress because he and I share the same vision of local-run education where parental involvement is a cornerstone. Politicians in Washington want to control schools and keep parents out-of-the-loop, but Virginians know better. In Virginia, state law enshrines parental involvement. We need to send representatives to DC who understand this. 

Dave has always run responsive and effective constituent services. For his work on the Board of Supervisors, he deserves a promotion to the halls of Congress and I am excited to say that I am part of this campaign.”

-Lisa Phelps, Spotsylvania County School Board Member

“Dave and I have served together on the Board of Supervisors in Spotsylvania for over ten ears. I’ve always been able to rely on Dave as a conservative ally against government overreach and wasteful tax increases. Dave’s educational background in finance and his masters in systems management with an emphasis on labor economics will provide the expertise and leadership taxpayers need in congress. 

Dave is a retired Marine and his leadership and ethics derived from his 20 years of service will provide untold dividends to his constituents especially during this unprecedented economic downturn and inflation. Republicans in the new 7th will best be served by nominating a rock-solid conservative who lives in the heart of this District. If you want the job done hire a Marine. Dave Ross is the only candidate in this race who fits that description.”

-Tim McLaughlin, Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors Chairman

“It is always tricky to get involved in nomination contests. I have often been advised not to do it. While it makes my chosen candidate and his supporters very happy, it makes other candidates and their teams very unhappy. I take some solace in the fact that some of my strongest supporters turned out to be people who did not support me in my primary campaigns, but in time became loyal friends.

My approach has always been that a primary does not decide that one candidate in inherently better than another in some absolute sense. A primary contest determines who the people think is the best candidate at a given moment in light of all the circumstances. Because the decision to endorse a candidate in a nomination contest carries the risk of turning friends into enemies, I do not take it lightly. After much thought and prayer, all factors considered, I am absolutely convinced that Dave Ross is the right Republican nominee to run against Abigail Spanberger in the general election.

Not only is Dave a true conservative whose values are deeply rooted in his Christian faith, but he is not afraid to champion those values. Frankly, after a lengthy conversation with him. I found myself reminded of Rep. Bob Good of the 5th District, who went to Congress and immediately began to lead the fight for the ideals we hold dear. I believe that Dave will be the same kind of Congressman. Most politicians are not leaders, but merely reflectors of popular sentiment. That makes them cautious and unwilling to step out to set the pace and direction in which our society should move. Statesmen are a different breed. They have courage and conviction and serve the needs of the people not their own selfish interests. They seek to do what is right for their constituents even when it is not popular with the mainstream media and the elites.

I believe Dave is a statesman, not just another politician. His love of God, family and country are unshakable anchors which will stand in him good stead when the going gets tough. This is not just speculation. Dave’s voting record over a ten year period on the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors further demonstrates his conservative commitment. His longevity there shows a servant’s heart. He has stayed to do the job, not simply used it as a stepping stone to something else. I think we are all a little suspicious of politicians who get elected to an office only to leap at the very next opportunity to move up. His stability shows that Dave is not in politics to satisfy personal ambition.

Dave Ross is also a Marine. In the interest of full disclosure, as a Marine Corps veteran, supporting a fellow Marine gives me a certain satisfaction. If he were not the full package, it would not be enough, but in this case, it is certainly icing on the cake. I trust my fellow leatherneck to do whatever is required to take that hill. Marines do not quit. Aside from my personal perspective on his military background, it also helps that Marine Corps Base Quantico is in his district.

Finally, it must be said that Dave Ross lives in the middle of the district and has deep and strong ties to it. That is going to be important against Spanberger who lives outside of the new 7th Congressional District. She must face a Republican who can challenge her ability to represent a district where she does not live. She is not even close and has no plans to move in. It is a travesty that she thinks she is bigger than the people of the district and acts as if she owns it. Dave is not an interloper. He has lived and served in the middle of this district for years. Dave Ross is the right candidate at the right time for the 7th District, and he has my full endorsement and support. I urge all of my friends and supporters to help send Dave Ross to the United States Congress”

-Bishop E.W. Jackson, Former Republican nominee for Lt. Governor