Enough is Enough!

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Government policies have created the ‘murder’ zones, where because law-abiding citizens cannot bear arms, murderers and those bent on killing have slaughtered innocent men, women and children.

We are heartbroken as we watch the news, where time and again, so called ‘gun free’ signs have failed to stop criminals, because they do not obey the law to begin with.

In 1990, then President George Bush signed into law the “Gun Free School Zone Act” and since then, like most government programs, it has done nothing but allow thousands to be slaughtered and then in turn to be used to attack your right to keep and bear arms.

It is time that Congress acts and not only repeals the “Gun Free” School Zone Act, but also passes legislation to allow law-abiding adults to bear arms to protect themselves and our school children.

We need your help to make this happen.

There are several vital actions you take today to stop school shootings while defending your right to keep and bear arms.

1. First, sign our petition below and then share it through email and social media far and wide. Politicians only will act if you demand they do.

2. Second, you need to call the following United States Senators and Demand they stand firm against the gun grabbers and instead pass legislation to repeal ‘Murder zones’ and allow teachers and other law-abiding citizens to bear arms for their protection and the protection of our children:

Sources tell us these Senators are working behind the scenes to further gut the 2nd Amendment, and unless you call, you can be sure they will side with the gun grabbers. Which of course will do nothing to stop mass shooters, except empower politicians to rip away more of your God given rights!

Please sign and then share our petition below!

Petition to Demand Repeal of ‘Gun Free’ Murder Zones and Allow Law-Abiding Citizens to Bear Arms

Whereas, over 97% of mass shootings occur in ‘gun free’ killing zones; and

Whereas, the right to Keep and Bear Arms starts ‘shall not be infringed’; and

Whereas, it is immoral to force law-abiding citizens to cower unarmed in the face of evil;

Therefore, we the undersigned demand that the United States Senate acts now to Repeal the 1990 ‘Gun Free’ School Zone Act; and

Therefore, we demand you sponsor and support National Constitutional Carry to allow all law-abiding citizens to bear arms for their protection without paying a tax and begging the government’s permission.